We are interested in how you did in comparison with people your age, or your friends from the running team? How individual nations are doing and what are the most popular tracks? Who was the fastest and who the most enduring?

You can very simply find out in the clearly set out results which you can also filter in all categories and according to all criteria, including text browsers such as according to the name and starting number of the competitor. Moreover all this already during the course of the actual race!


Running 2020
24.07.2020 - 10.08.2020
Running competition
800 m, 1500 m, 5 000 m, 10 000 m, 21 km, marathon
Walking 2020
24.07.2020 - 10.08.2020
Walking competition
10 km, 20 km
Cycling 2020
24.07.2020 - 10.08.2020
Cycling competition
25 km, 50 km
Swimming 2020
24.07.2020 - 10.08.2020
Swimming competition
800 m, 1500 m
Triathlon 2020
24.07.2020 - 10.08.2020
Triathlon competition
Olympic (1,5 km swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running), sprint (0,75 – 20 – 5 km).


Please help us to promote races at home and abroad

This is the first time that anyone has attempted to organise a similarly ambitious virtual project. We have set ourselves a barrier-free goal to draw the entire world into a virtual game.

HELP us please with the promotion not just in your homeland, but if you have the chance then throughout the world too. Share your experiences, runs, numbers, tell your friends about the races and join in the project which will enable people from all corners of the planet to combine and compare their strength over the course of 17 days of competition.

Send your friends information about these virtual races and ask them to send it on. You can send whatever you think, but just to make things easier we have made it possible to download images and texts in several languages HERE. You will find the inviting friends event on Facebook here.

Individual sport and virtual competition are a community affair and can only be truly successful once many people join in with whom it is possible to share many experiences and routes, make comparisons, be motivated and motivate others.

For the first time it is possible for the entire world not to applaud a handful of elite athletes, but for the elite athletes to applaud thousands of those who achieve their own small or big goals. 

Thank you very much for any of your help.