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Find a virtual race or challenge you like and register online. You will also receive a start number, which you can print out.

Post a proof

Run and record your race with a watch, mobile application or stopwatch. When done, they sent us a sceenshot from the app or a photo as proof.

Get a reward

As soon as we check your result, we will add you to the result list, issue a participation diploma and send you a medal.

Summer virtual games bring together athletes from around the world again!

Athletes from all over the world now have the opportunity of taking part in the 2nd Summer Virtual Games, which will enable them to engage from any place on the planet, respect all epidemiology precautions and measure their strength in endurance sport with millions of other amateur, performance and professional athletes, from 16 July to 15 August (registration opens on 10 July). The programme of the Summer Virtual Games consists of running, cycling, triathlon, swimming and walking. Besides the starting number with your name you will gain a diploma, and children in their categories can also participate.

Registration and participation are free.

1 world, 5 sports, 30 days of fun

The Virtual races can be a sports diversification of your training or holiday. They can be a test of your physical condition, or just fun that you can enjoy with friends from all over the world. The Summer Virtual Games will combine real sport with the online world all over the planet and you will be able to engage immediately in several disciplines and measure your strength with competitors of all nations.

Motivation for beginners, test for the experienced, sporting excitement for all

The Summer Virtual Games build on the popular Virtual Runs in which millions of runners have taken part in the past few months. So the competitors of the Summer Virtual Games will automatically join in the worldwide sporting event. Performance, age or gender doesn’t matter.

It is all very simple: in several seconds you will be able to register for races that you find most interesting and complete the selected discipline in the real world. You will measure your performance using a sports watch, any phone app or take a photo of the time on a stopwatch. Finally via an email link you will record your result and proof of your performance (such as a photo, screenshot from Garmin Connect, Movescount, Endomondo, Strava etc.) on the Summer Virtual Games website. It will be possible to follow the continuous order online. Everything is free.

The popularity of the Virtual Runs is growing very fast. All the timidity which occasionally puts people off taking part in real races disappears. You don’t have to be afraid that somebody will see you or that you will come last. There is also the advantage that you can compete over a time period. It is even possible to complete each race several times, or try out several tracks. For performance athletes virtual races are an entertaining training diversification. We have proof that even though this is a virtual race, athletes have an unconscious perception of it and achieve better results and many a time they break their own personal records.

Run, ride a bike, swim, try out the triathlon

In the Summer Virtual Games real sports and disciplines are inspired by the most common world sport lengths/ distances:

  • Running: 800 m, 1500 m, 5000 m, 10 000 m, 21 km, marathon + kids challenges
  • Cycling: 25 km, 50 km + kids challenges
  • Swimming: 800 m, 1500 m + kids challenges
  • Triathlon: Olympic (1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km run), sprint (0.75 – 20 – 5 km). A race does not have to be completed in one go, but disciplines must be completed within 24 hours
  • Walking: 10 km, 20 km + kids challenges

But the order of the results is not important. The aim of the project is to motivate amateur athletes in their beginnings, inspire them to overcome their own limits and support them in the natural human spirit of competitiveness. You can complete races with your family, friends or turn them into a challenge for your colleagues at work.

You can also follow the current events on social media, Facebook and Instagram, and via hashtags #SummerVirtualGames #SVG2021 @SVG



Please help us to promote races at home and abroad

We have set ourselves a barrier-free goal to draw the entire world into a virtual game.

HELP us please with the promotion not just in your homeland, but if you have the chance then throughout the world too. Share your experiences, runs, numbers, tell your friends about the races and join in the project which will enable people from all corners of the planet to combine and compare their strength over the course of 30 days of competition.

Send your friends information about these virtual races and ask them to send it on. You can send whatever you think, but just to make things easier we have made it possible to download images HERE. You will find the inviting friends event on Facebook here.

Individual sport and virtual competition are a community affair and can only be truly successful once many people join in with whom it is possible to share many experiences and routes, make comparisons, be motivated and motivate others.

For the second time it is possible for the entire world not to applaud a handful of elite athletes, but for the elite athletes to applaud thousands of those who achieve their own small or big goals. 

Thank you very much for any of your help.