Endurance sport means a healthy lifestyle and fun for the entire family and friends with whom you can share experiences even remotely.

Virtual races and challenges work the same way as any other sport (you do real sport – run, ride a bike, swim, etc.). Only the table of results is virtual, all the rest is real and it is only up to you how you face up to individual challenges which you run at your own pace anywhere outside in the countryside and regardless of the outcome.

The only thing you need to do is to register for a race or challenge, go running and send proof that you have completed it.

Virtual races are a great way of staying fit throughout the year. Share experiences with your friends and gain a lovely medal for your performance!

Select your race or challenge, register and run it!



Please help us to promote races at home and abroad

We have set ourselves a barrier-free goal to draw the entire world into a virtual game.

HELP us please with the promotion not just in your homeland, but if you have the chance then throughout the world too. Share your experiences, runs, numbers, tell your friends about the races and join in the project which will enable people from all corners of the planet to combine and compare their strength over the course of 30 days of competition.

Send your friends information about these virtual races and ask them to send it on. You can send whatever you think, but just to make things easier we have made it possible to download images HERE. You will find the inviting friends event on Facebook here.

Individual sport and virtual competition are a community affair and can only be truly successful once many people join in with whom it is possible to share many experiences and routes, make comparisons, be motivated and motivate others.

For the second time it is possible for the entire world not to applaud a handful of elite athletes, but for the elite athletes to applaud thousands of those who achieve their own small or big goals. 

Thank you very much for any of your help.