Here you will very simply find out how you performed or your friends from the running team. You can also filter the statistics in all categories and according to all criteria. There is also a text browser you can use for making a search by name or starting number of the competitor.

Attention – all statistics are already available during the course of the actual race and are continuously updated!


Pos.Start numberNameGenderCategoryClubTimeDiploma
1.585Tereza SomerlikováWW400:29:19
2.155Martina ŠaškováWW400:34:47
3.761Nelinka VykrentováWW400:35:08
4.479Sofie Z.WW400:43:39
5.784Amálka KnytlováWW4Knytlíci00:50:13
6.639Karolínka PálušováWW400:52:13
7.212Izabela Heczko WW400:57:01
8.717Ema JurdováWW401:05:15
8.722Verunka KuchařováWW401:05:15
10.382Viola FaltýnováWW4Falmax01:07:51
11.597Marie KabeláčováWW401:23:02
11.777Ema S.WW401:23:02
13.694Eliška Š.WW4Šupináčci01:30:28